The coolest way
to clean and restore

Using dry ice enables a level of cleaning, restoration and detailing that’s far superior to traditional cleaning methods that use water, chemicals and damaging abrasives. The process is non-destructive, leaves no residue, and is fast and efficient.

Do-it-yourself Dry Ice Blasting


Includes exclusive use of IC 022 EVO ice blaster, lift bay, unlimited dry ice, all PPE gear.

Reservation required

For full day or multi-day projects call George at 403.616.8990

Seeing is believing

Below are before and after photos of some of our customer vehicles; use the slider to see how dramatically dry ice blasting works on various surfaces.

Before After Click and drag To compare

Frequently asked questions

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How does dry ice blasting work?
Dry ice blasting cleans surfaces using non-abrasive media accelerated in a pressurized air stream. The process uses recycled solid carbon dioxide (CO2) pellets which are blasted at the surface and sublimate (transitioning from solid CO2 to gaseous CO2) on impact, lifting dirt and contaminants off the underlying material.
What’s included in my hourly cost?
The $169/hr cost for dry ice blasting at Lugnutz includes everything you need: Unlimited dry ice, use of two-post lift and bay, the IC 022 EVO ice blaster, all PPE (gloves, safety glasses, hearing protection). Customers may bring their own PPE is desired. For jobs longer than 4 hours, contact George @ 403.616.8990 to discuss daily rates.
Is using dry ice safe?
Safety protocols need to be followed at all times at Lugnutz when using the dry ice blasting machine. The temperature of the pellets is -79˚C and can cause burns if they come in contact with unprotected skin.
  • Always wear supplied safety goggles, gloves and hearing protection during blasting.
  • Use the supplied face mask to prevent inhalation of dust from ice blasting.
  • Persons standing in the blasting area must also wear safety gear.
  • Static discharge of electricity can occur while blasting. Always ensure that the objects to be cleaned are adequately grounded using the supplied cable.
  • DO NOT use a dry ice blasting machine if you wear a pacemaker; the pacemaker may malfunction.
Does using dry ice harm the environment?
The dry ice pellets Lugnutz uses are manufactured using captured C02 from industrial processes. As the pellets are made from recycled CO2, no additional greenhouse gases are created or added to the atmosphere. Cleaning with dry ice is much more environmentally friendly than using harsh chemicals, many of which are toxic and damaging to ecosystems.
How can Lugnutz make dry ice blasting a DIY job?
The dry ice machine at Lugnutz is specifically designed to tackle light- and medium duty tasks. It’s easy to use and will not harm most surfaces if used with reasonable caution. Larger “industrial-grade” machines are extremely loud, complicated to use, can do serious damage to a vehicle and would take dozens of hours of training and hundreds of hours of experience to use safely and effectively. First-time users at Lugnutz will be provided coaching on using the machine at the start of their dry ice blasting session.