Safety + Risk Awareness

Ensuring the safety of customers and staff is a primary concern at Lugnutz. Whatever tools and equipment participants are using while in the facility, there is risk of injury to you and others if safety protocols - and common sense - are not followed. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the Safety and Risk Awareness information below. In addition, please download and read the Liability Waiver.

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A mechanic working on a Golf R

Safety in the Shop

  • 1
    No smoking, drugs or alcohol in the shop.
  • 2
    Proper PPE is required for the task – gloves or eye-wear, as appropriate.
  • 3
    Staff must put your vehicle on and off the lift. Do not attempt to perform this task yourself.
  • 4
    Once on a lift, you may raise or lower your vehicle.
  • 5
    Respect the work area of others.
  • 6
    Drain fluids in appropriate catch cans provided – petroleum-based fluids or glycol/anti-freeze.
  • 7
    Put away all tools and equipment in drawers and return any borrowed shop tools and equipment. Any missing tools or equipment will be charged to your bill.
  • 8
    Swearing at yourself is allowed. Swearing at others is not.
  • 9
    Use the proper tools and equipment for the task. If you don’t know how something works, ask staff for help.
  • 10
    Be aware of surrounding environment – people, vehicles, equipment and tools.
  • 11
    Use aisles and walkways. Do not use shortcuts.
  • 12
    Clean up spills immediately and alert staff if you require assistance.
  • 13
    Oil filters are to be left in the catch can and will be disposed of by staff.
  • Using Lugnutz Equipment

    Lift Safety & Procedures

    Only Lugnutz staff may position vehicles on lift arms and perform the initial raise of the vehicle. Customers may raise and lower the vehicle once a staff member has completed the initial raise.

    Under no circumstances is a customer to move or reposition the lift arms under the vehicle.

    LOOK BEFORE LOWERING! Before lowering remove items from under the vehicle.

    Review all lift safety protocols
    Strut compressor use

    Before using The QSP DB-8000-XL strut compressor, customers are required to watch the orientation video and review the OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS by downloading the PDF.

    Customers will be asked to confirm they have read and fully understand the strut compressor safety and usage procedures. If customers are unsure at any time about the safety protocols and usage of the tool, immediately ask a Lugnutz employee for assistance.

    Download the operating instructions

    Have questions?

    If you have questions or concerns about Lugnutz Safety Policies and Procedures please ask any staff member on duty or contact us using the link below.

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